Saturday, June 2, 2012

What I Like About Your Blog

I know.. another different blog background, I can't help myself I want to try them all, but this one is staying until fall!
I just received my 2 blog critiques from what I like about your blog!

This event was fun & I am glad I did it! This is how it worked: when you join up you are given two blogs to critique! What you like & dislike about their blogs. And you receive 2 reviews back in return.
Well I was pretty happy with mine. And I learned something from it too.
Here are the 2 reviews I received back from different bloggers who also signed up:

Creations by Tee -- 
What I liked about their blog: I love the font and her creativity. Her creations are beautiful and her commitment to the crafts is fantastic. I would love to see more posts about how she makes her creations - if she's happy to share her process :)
What I didn't like about their blog: I found the layout of the blog to be a bit busy and overwhelming. This might be due to the 3 columns of text/links and then the background image which has words in it as well. I found it hard to read the text because each word is capitalized. Overall, I found the posts hard to read.

Creations by Tee
What I liked about their blog:
The menu bar at the top looks professional and easy to navigate.
Her ticket button--cute idea!
It has the time on her blog.  Never seen that before.  Nice.
Her easy to find and informative "about me" page.
What I didn't like about their blog:
The blog title, though cute, was not centered.
Email not linked.
Underneath her header "Tweet" it says "True number generator"
Lots and lots of ads on the side...they might be better served on a separate page with only a few highlighted on the sidebar.

  • I knew I had very a bad habit of Capitalizing every word in a sentence! ( I am aware and fixing)
  • Also I named all the banners in my sidebar. ( I undone that)
  • I linked my email! ( I think the thing comes unlinked itself)
  • Made me decide to clean up my blog today!
  • And I learned how to center my header! (Yay)

Here's the link on how to center your blog header!

And I found my pretty background here>



  1. Looks great Tee! You took the feedback well which isn't always easy. going to have a critical look at my own busy blog..Hugs,

  2. I like the changes you have made and I am going to check out centering the header. Thanks for the link.