Saturday, August 18, 2012

Easel ATC Trade & Goodies

Cherish Easel ATC
"Cast Everything in the Best Possible Light" Easel ATC
Easel ATC Side View
 Easel ATC Back
Lesley @ Harmony Road Studio & I did a trade for something different, Easel ATC's!
 I received the above beautiful easel artist trading cards from Lesley!
Lesley is an artist, & a very creative person who just goes for it, when she sees something she likes!
Thank You Lesley for sharing & inspiring me with the new & creative way to display the artist trading cards!
 I love these easel atc's & will be making many more!

Here is a link to Craftiblog who has a easy tutorial for easel atc's & cards.
Here are a few You Tube Video's to check out for more inspiration on: Easel ATC's, - Easel Cards - Stick Pin Easel Card

 Included in my trade from Lesley was this cute Paper Pocket Packet.
Paper Pocket Packet

Paper Pocket Packet- Its all in the way you fold!

Goodies found inside paper pocket & designer paper sheets
And lastly this Gorgeous Mermaid Tag
Love it all Girl! Thank You. Hugs,Tee


  1. I'm a big fan of Les, her creativity amazes me. I wonder if she ever sleeps !
    This is wonderful !

  2. Ah thanks so much Tee. So happy you liked everything. I am addicted to these easel cards now. So easy to make as well.
    Oops I forgot to send you the link to that pocket. Onto that right now.
    Amy if you come back to read this, yes I do sleep and probably too much sometimes, but, when I am awake I am always creating, even in my mind.
    Enjoy Tee and thanks for sharing. Les

  3. les makes great stuff :) what a great idea these easel atc cards are.....

  4. Oooooh, having only done my first easel CARD, I've not yet even THOUGHT about making an easel ATC card!! What a GREAT idea.. I LOVE it! Love the Paper Pocket Packet too! I'm gonna have to try these things!!!.. Have a great weekend! ((hugs)) ~tina