Sunday, September 2, 2012

Letter 'B' artist trading card

The Alphabet ATC Series Trade

Bat Image From The Graphics Fairy
B is for...?
New Monthly A.B.C.. Alphabet Artist Trading Card Trades! Now Open For Sign Ups!
What are Artist Trading Card's? A 2 1/2 x 3/1/2 art card, stamped with your personality! Made to be Traded!
 For these monthly atc trades we will do the letters of the alphabet!   
We are currently on Letter B.

 Create 1 artist trading card for your partner featuring the letter B in addition please put the letter B on front of card.
Theme your atc with anything that starts with a B. (Bat, Blue, Birds, Bliss, Black, Beauty, Baby, Bat Woman, etc) This will be a fun monthly ATC trade!
Jump in & join us @ anytime! International Swapping! Everyone is Welcome!
To sign up email me at with your blog link & complete address. 
Sign Up By: Sept.1st
Partners Assigned Sept 2nd (an email will be sent to you with partners info & you will need to contact them for their snail mail address). 
Send Out By: Sept.10th 
Next Month (October) We Will Do Letter C!
Please help get the word out by pasting the above button in your blogs sidebar & linking to The Altered Paper.
 I will be looking forward to hearing from you,until then, Happy Creating & Swapping!

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