Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Jean Pocket = Happy Mail Recieved!

Altered Jean Pocket
Altered Jean Pocket - Back
Extra Goodies!
Evil Spirits All Around Shake Me Twice and They Are Bound!
Halloween/Journal Book
Halloween Book-Back
You can imagine my happy surprise @ receiving this awesome package!  First the Altered Jean Pocket was Fantastically done with pretty colors & images. And I love it! It came along with the other goodies pictured above from my swap partner Irene, unfortunately Irene does not have a blog to show off her creativity & quality work! But you can see here she has plenty of it!
 I love the creativity of this magic wand, and the inspiration it reflects! And Last but not least the gorgeous book! Well Done! Thank You Irene! I love the beautiful orange & black lacey ribbon & extra goodies too! I love it all!

1 comment:

  1. thank you Tee for my jean pocket I got it today. I love the vintage look of the whole pocket. You did a wonderful job. I will use all the vintage pictures you sent me. Totally awesome stuff for my stash. I totally loved the swap. Thank you so much. Irene C