Friday, September 21, 2012

Potion Jar

(rare) spider legs potion

Supplies Needed

Supplies Needed
Supplies Needed:
  • Small Decorative Bottle with Lid or Cork (I used a glass spice jar)
  • Alcohol
  • Green Coloring/ Liquid Ink ( I used a water Soluble Soap Dye in Green)
  • Potion Label 
  • Glue Gun 
  • Spider Web
  • E 600
  • Plasic Spiders
  • Monster Head (Rubber or Plastic)
How to:
 Start with a small decorative bottle/jar & fill 3/4 way up with alcohol & add a few drops of green dye/ink.
 Cut off legs from 2 plastic spiders & add to green solution, throw in the rest of the body, and push through 2 whole plastic spiders for good measure!
 Drip hot glue into the solution to add some floaters for an ugly old potion effect.
Seal lid on jar with E 600.
Attach potion label & rubber monster to glass jar with E 600
String a little spider web here & there, and attach webbing in some places with dab of hot glue (so it will stay put).

Small Black Ribbon to tie around jar lid
Spider to glue on side of ribbon
Whatever you have in your stash

Rare Spider Legs Potion Label From Lisa's Altered Art Collage Sheets

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  1. Adorable and creepy Tee. Love this little bottle.
    I bet you didn't make just one!!

  2. Greeting from Western KY! I'm so glad that I found you on Dear Creatives. Love this idea, very clever. Thanks so much for sharing.