Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas Cupcake Ornaments

Materials Used:
 2" Styrofoam Balls
 Gold Glitter
 Tacky Glue
 Paper Cupcake Cups
 Ribbon & Bows 
 Holly Berries & Leaves
 A Small Styrofoam Glitter Ball for the Cherry

I used a glue gun to adhere 2-3 paper cups together (to make them sturdier)
 Bamboo skewer was pushed  through ball top So I could handle the ball to work with it.
Applied tacky glue liberally all over Styrofoam ball with brush & gold glitter was poured over ball. (need a big enough bowl to catch the extra)
Put skewered balls in a vase to let dry.
Ribbon was used as a hanger & attached with hot glue - before embellishing.
Cover up any unsightly hot glue with more glitter!
Look for any white spots in glittered ball & apply more glitter to cover!
Embellish with ribbon & bows holly berries & glittered leaves
Hope to inspire you to create some of your own for family & friends this Holiday Season! Hugs,Tee


  1. Hi Tee,

    Oh, this is adorable, I have to make one. Thank you for sharing.


  2. Will definitely make one (or two or three) of these if only to give away - prob next year now though lol.

  3. Cute Tee. Don't you just love sparkle and bling this time of year. Thanks for the quick tutorial and you package is going postal but end of the week.
    Lesley ♥