Sunday, January 19, 2014

Tussy Mussies

Tussy Mussy

Hello friends! Back from the flu bug!
 Here is a Tussy Mussy (mom) Fran @ Flickr) made for the  The Altered Craft Group Swap @ PDA.
 Created with  A Ladies Diary Paper, lace, ribbons, pearls, flowers, beads, stick pin and other findings from our craft stash.
 She received a beautiful Tussy Mussy back from her partner Kaylene, who always does beautiful work in all her art & crafting projects!
Kaylene's Tussy Mussy

Tussy Mussy Cone

Beautiful Handmade Lace Flowers

Thank You Kaylene, gorgeous!
Hugs,Tee & Fran
Tussy Mussy Cone Template.


  1. I adore Tussy Mussys and these are beautiful. Creative Bliss...

  2. Me too ! I love them,they are both unique and gorgeous.I really do enjoy Our group and Tee You really started it all and Amy has done a great job too. Thank You :)

  3. Hope You and Your Mom are both doing well-blessings to both of You-Denise

  4. This IS such a sweet retro idea...YOUR tussie mussies are gorgeous!